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YG Realty is a Team of real-estate professionals who are passionate about outstanding properties.

Lead by Yan Gurevich – Broker, we are known for preserving and elevating many of Toronto’s distinctive neighbourhoods including Trinity-Bellwoods, Palmerston, Yorkville, Little Italy, Dufferin Grove, The Annex, The Junction, West Queen West, The Danforth, Chinatown, Kensington Market. When called upon, our strategies are equally effective in the 905 regions of the GTA. 

Aside from Buying and Selling, we also help build extraordinary local communities one home at a time.

Over the years Yan Gurevich has developed proven Pre-Listing, Pre-Selling & Pre-Marketing strategies that result in sales that often lead the local market.

We are Home Smart and Market Savvy.

How do we do it?

We start with Early Level Reconnaissance: an exact and clear sense of the market, recognition of early indicators, and better prediction of trends, because we are boots on the ground, and in many cases, we are the ones setting the trends. 

When purchasing, we assess a property with hyper local and regional understanding, which  transcends the traditional valuations; by seeing the hidden benefits of certain homes, city block by city block, or dissecting trending communities that others may not appreciate. 

This approach goes far beyond mere comparable sales analysis – which may or may not be a true indication of value. 

We are extremely collaborative.  No egos here. We engage with local influencers, alert local and regional brokers early and often, preview properties to gage objections, and gather insight from the public, all before going to market.

We are connected: Nothing is for sale before we connect with buyers, or their reps wherever they are – online, social platforms, private groups, or the people next door.

This is what the top brands in the world do when they launch new products.  This is what WE do with each and every property we sell.

We believe your home is an extension of you and finding your dream home is a personal and rewarding journey. That’s why we take the time to learn about you – who you are and where you want to live. We leave no stone unturned when considering homes on the market. We may even find “the one” from our Private Stock – our collection of renovated or custom-built homes not yet on the market.  Every year we find homes for our buyers that are not listed.  Our commitment to you does not stop at searching MLS.

We can’t wait to find the one home that’s perfect for you. Contact us today for a sneak peek into our “YGR stock”.

Have questions about real estate you want to discuss?  Call Yan at (647) 209-4004. 

From the homes we sell to our method of selling them, every property receives YG Realty’s distinctive touch. We don’t just sell your home we tell its story; we present it at its finest. We do this by discovering your home’s unique beauty and capture its key selling features. Then we prepare a customized sales plan based on our comprehensive market assessment and demographics analysis. We target key buyers and prepare your home with them in mind.

Every inch of your home is finessed from basement to eves, positioning it for an unprecedented sale. Next we roll out a customized marketing campaign aimed at maximizing exposure and interest in your property. Finally, we understand the stress you’re experiencing particularly when it comes to negotiating. As experts in negotiation we work with you throughout the process leading to a successful closing.

Experience how YG Realty makes your house the most sought-after home in the marketplace. Contact us today for a no obligation assessment of your home.

As a Developer, you know how to build a home. YG Realty is the trusted partner that will bring you unprecedented value from the sale of that home. In fact, at YG Realty, we’re obsessed with your return on investment. We set the neighbourhood standard. We’re on the ground for early reconnaissance, studying emerging trends and tracking changing demographics.

We help define the right project and location to project what any project may be worth once completed.  So before our developers step into a new project, they consult with us on what that project should tun into to reflect the needs of the market years from now.  Once we acquire the right property, we work closely with our design experts and builders as a team to set the right style and finishes to appeal to the exact buyer. We work within budgets and timelines and help manage the process from shovels in the ground to final staging. We create a systemized marketing strategy and carefully planned rollout through to final sale.

Discover how your development can profit from the experts at YG Realty.  

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Selling your home should feel like you just won the lottery with the right Broker, and selling price.  Purchasing your first home, or your forever home, should be a thrill.  We feel like that on your behalf every single day.  Yan of YG Realty will help you make the most of your largest investment. We are home smart and market savvy.

To ensure your house is market ready and to maximize return, YG Realty assembles our team of crafts people. We manage the process, as we expertly prepare your home for the market., but most importantly, we “Prepare the Market for you Home”.  Then, we roll out a custom, orchestrated, targeted marketing campaign. Our strategic selling plan draws unprecedented interest. For us, by the time your home gets to MLS, the market has been already seeded with the right information.  Our strategy is to  pre-market the property for elevate interest, established, meaningful market presence, and generates a list of prospective buyers, leaving nothing to chance.

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