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Want to sell your home 25% over the asking price? Start with the proper staging!

You have been thinking about moving to a home that better fits your lifestyle. Congrats – it’s a really exciting time!

At YGRealty, my goal is to get you the highest selling price in the least amount of time. Staging can be a huge part of making your home inviting to your potential buyers as it can showcase your home’s best features, impress buyers and hide any weaknesses. If you have been on the hunt for affordable real estate in Trinity Bellwoods for sale, or you’re thinking about selling your home in that area, you also need to think about how you’re going to stage your home properly.

It’s actually been proven that homes that have been properly staged could net you over 25% over your asking price, so why not take advantage of that? YGRealty can help you stage your home for success, so just follow these few simple steps to increase your chances of your home selling faster for higher prices! Everything else, just leave up to me.

Start with landscaping. By boosting your curb appeal, whether it’s adding a few colourful plants or removing weeds, showing the outside of your home some love can make all the difference between a buyer placing a bid or them walking away. Curb appeal is a large factor in setting the precedence for the buyer, so when you have a gorgeous landscaping, they will be more inclined to think the same of the inside of your home.

Let the natural light in. No one wants to walk into a home with dark corners and covered windows. Open up your blinds and let the sunshine pour in – having as much natural light penetrate your home will give an inviting and welcoming atmosphere to any potential buyers scoping out your home.

Declutter and get rid of junk. The point of staging is to help the potential buyers envision what life may look like if they buy the home. If your home is filled with clutter, it will be harder for the buyer to step into the home’s shoes. Plus decluttering will make way for loads of open spaces to take the stage, making your home look bigger than it actually is!

The first impression is the best impression – so make it fantastic! If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, it’s time to start with YGRealty!

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