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Trinity Bellwoods

Trinity Bellwoods is by far the most eccentric neighbourhood in Toronto. The area combines the best of Queen West and Dundas West, where you can be in the middle of the best shops, restaurants and parks! Is the bar scene more your vibe? How about checking out Ossington Avenue for Toronto’s wining and dining? Not sure where to start? We have a guide on the best things to explore within the legendary Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood and how you can immerse yourself into its energy when you buy a home with YG Realty!

Your home is more than simply just an address, it’s the foundation for life’s great joy. We take pride in uncovering these homes in the city. As a buyer, we want your home to become like a celebrity on the street, distinguished and admired amongst all the rest. When purchasing, we assess a property with hyper-local and regional understanding, which transcends the traditional valuations; by seeing the hidden benefits of certain homes, city block by city block, or dissecting trending communities that others may not appreciate. 


Tour the Breweries

When it comes to a night out, why do you have to settle for only one place when you can tour all? Are you looking for a bohemian setting that offers the perfect pint? Perhaps an upscale spot to celebrate a special occasion? Trinity Bellwoods is home to lots of breweries that can elevate your night out into an unforgettable experience – and what better way to end the night than by walking home that’s just steps away?


Get inspired by street art and local artists

Trinity Bellwoods is overflowing with amazing street artists that are bound to ignite your creative side! Whether you have a few hours to take in all of the neighbourhood’s art and design, or you love to mull over the meaning of a piece of artwork, the neighbourhood will have you covered! At the forefront of the Toronto art scene are the numerous graffiti murals that are designed to WOW passers-by and truly inspire a better future. After a day filled with looking at amazing artwork, why not indulge yourself in world-class restaurants just minutes away?


Revel in Remarkable Restaurants

Ossington Avenue has some of the best food establishments in town – whether you’re looking for savoury Indian cuisine or an authentic Italian eatery. The best part about living in Trinity Bellwoods is that you never have to pick just one place to eat at – go for all of them! Bring a feeling of comfort one night and the next choose a refined restaurant that elevates your tastebuds. Whatever you’re in the mood for, the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood is sure to have it year-round!


Your incredible adventure in Trinity Bellwoods is one call away!

Some of Toronto’s most sought-after real estate is found in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood, and it’s clear to see why! Every day is an opportunity to lose yourself in marvellous pieces of artwork, taste world-class cuisine and revel in the gorgeous architecture that is both legendary and mesmerizing. 

Find your perfect home in this amazing neighbourhood and call Yan today to make it happen!

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