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Paradise In The City: Why You Should Consider Living in Trinity Bellwoods!

Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the big, diverse city. It’s quintessential metropolitan suburbia that features attractive homes, excellent parks, and lively restaurants and bars. If you’re starting or already have a young family, you should strongly consider finding a home to live in the Trinity Bellwoods area. For current homeowners in the area, they can reap big rewards and high benefits for selling their homes now in this busy real estate market. 

YGRealty TO is a realtor in Trinity Bellwoods run by experienced broker Yan Gurevich. There is a good amount of real estate in Trinity Bellwoods for sale at this time and if you own property in the area, you could sell it at a nice profit. For new homeowners with young families, the Trinity Bellwoods area offers many perks and advantages for yourself and your loved ones. Contact YGrealty today if you would like to start selling your property now or if you have a nice listing to share. 

Lead by Yan Gurevich – Broker, we are known for preserving and elevating many of Toronto’s distinctive neighbourhoods including Trinity-Bellwoods, Palmerston, Yorkville, Little Italy, Dufferin Grove, The Annex, The Junction, West Queen West, The Danforth, Chinatown, Kensington Market. When called upon, our strategies are equally effective in the 905 regions of the GTA. 

Why The Trinity Bellwoods Area Is Exclusive

The Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood is one of the top areas in the city because of its proximity to the sprawling park of the same name. The area has been around for many decades, sandwiched with verdant green grass and trees. Some stone and iron gates from the past are still present in the area to signify its past heritage and historical significance. 

Trinity Bellwoods has a surrounding park that roughly spans 38 total acres. It’s a much-loved, well-utilized green space that highlights Toronto’s beautiful nature within an urban landscape. It’s a very popular spot for families to pack up a basket and start a picnic in the park. It’s also a really great hangout spot if you want to get some fresh air.  

Some of the other features of Trinity Bellwoods include Gore Vale Avenue and Trinity Circle. Gore Vale is located on the east side of the park and has open-air baseball diamonds and tennis courts for athletic types. Meanwhile, Trinity Circle, located near Queen Street, boasts a tree-filled shady park with picnic tables and benches for people to relax on. It’s great for walking or cycling around as well. 

The Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood balances a youthful vibe for young families with a classic sophistication that can please anyone. It appeals to the most common city dwellers while also satisfying nature enthusiasts. It also has a good amount of bars, restaurants, and shops nearby that you can easily indulge in if you find a home there. 

Trinity Bellwoods Has The Best Eats in the City 

Toronto is a foodie city and while many areas have their own tasty establishments, a good amount of them are actually located in Trinity Bellwoods. There are great bars, restaurants, cafes, bistros, and breweries to enjoy some good food or drinks on a daily basis. Warmer weather can also allow for people to go out to dive bars and dish out on snack plates. 

One of them includes La Banane — a French bistro that has been ranked as one of Canada’s best 100 restaurants. Bar Mordecai is another new and popular place for locals, as they dish out different cocktail kits and drinks for those curious enough to try them. If you’re craving for some Asian food, you can also visit the tucked-away Mahjong Bar, which serves up delicious dumplings, fried rice, noodles, and Taiwanese fried chicken. 

There are too many great places to get food and drink to count in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood, but those are just a couple of standout examples. So if you have a home in the area that you’re thinking of selling at some point, now is the perfect time to do so and sell it for a nice sum. 

You’ll have no problem attracting potential buyers with the help of YGRealty. Get in touch with Yan Gurevich today to start listing your property now! 

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